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1v1 LOL Tournament

Registration until: 26th of January
How to register: post your gamer name and server location in the event. You must be at least 16 years old. 
There are a total of 128 places. (we already passed this - so NO MORE APPLICATIONS will be taken)

Brought to you by - Bene International and Gekko Pub

Tournament timetable: 
▪ First round: 9th of February, Tuesday, 6 PM. 
▪ Second round: 16th of February, 
▪ Finals: 24th of February. 

The tournament will take place at Gekko Pub, Tudor Vladimirescu street, nr. 40. 

▪ 1st place: 1825 RP
▪ 2nd place: 875 RP 
▪ 3rd place: 325 RP 

▪ Server Region: Custom Game, you can use your own account, if the opponent is on another server, we will provide same region user on the spot. 
▪ Game Mode: 1v1 Draft Mode Howling Abyss. Each player gets 3 bans. Bans will be executed in lobby pre game. 
▪ Tournament Mode: Single Elimination, Semi Final / Final: best of three
▪ Seeding: players will be seeded randomly 

Win Conditions are as follows (must meet only 1):
▪ First Blood
▪ First tower
▪ First to 100 CS

▪ Leaving a game results in a forfeit
▪ In event of simultaneous First Blood, the player with more gold is the winner
▪ You can bring your own mouse and keyboard, the PC and headset will be provided at the bar.
▪ We do not condone players creating a hostile environment; trash-talking and harassing other team/ players is unacceptable and may result in disqualification. 
▪ We will be closely monitoring the entire tournament to ensure it is fair and goes as smooth as possible.
If the Admin says the game should be remade, it will be remade

The game will be remade if any of these issues should occur: 
▪ The game crashes 
▪ The game hangs 
▪ Stream goes offline 
▪ Technical issues ▪ Medical issues

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